Siena in Dance

With the transfer of the Balletto di Siena to its new location today, just outside the walls of the historic center of Siena, the company has expanded its offer to the public with the birth of the Black box.

The performance space of the BdS appears in all respects as a small theatrical corner, equipped with all the necessities and comforts necessary for the realization of dance and ballet shows, with the capacity to welcome guest companies, artists in choreographic residences, shows for the schools and educational projects.

From the 2015, year of inauguration of the Black box, the company hosted, only considering the winter shows between November and December, more than 2500 spectators a year, from the youngest to the elderly, involving the public fully thanks to the meetings with the artists, multidisciplinary shows and related activities designed for the approaching the public to the theater.

Performative space, choreographic residence and frontal conference environment, Black Box is the "living room" of the BdS house, that between backdrops and scenes total-black continues the mission of involving the general public in the world of dance audience and ballet.

Also this year the appointments within the BLACK BOX, performance space of the University of Dance

From 22 Novembre to 20 Dicembre 2019, 9 events entirely dedicated to dance, ranging from classical repertoire suites to contemporary performances.

We hope many of you will come !!

For info and tickets TEL: 0577 222774 /