The Postural Center of the Ateneo della Danza offers classes of Postural Gymnastics and Gyrokinesis, aimed at improving posture through muscles strengthening.

The Aequilibria Center is the center for physical and postural health care created within the SSD a rl Ateneo della Danza, where Certified Instructors take care of motor re-education after trauma or problems.

Specific motor activity courses are carried out, aimed at functional recovery for both professional and amateur.

Aequilibria is also the official headquarters of GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® thanks to the qualified Instructors Pretrainer Marco Batti and Teacher Cinzia Cieri.


It is possible to attend in group or individual classes.

Gyrotonic® classes, carried out with the help of machinery, are "customized", therefore designed by the instructor based on the needs of the person. 

Gyrokinesis® classes and postural activities are group classes, carried out on the ground and with the use of small tools, such as balls, elastic bands, etc.

Postural gymnastics

Postural Gymnastics helps counteract pains in the neck and back pain; these are generally due to an incorrect posture, which therefore leads to an imbalance of the spine.

Through exercises aimed at reactivating muscles for body consciousness, Postural Gymnastics restores lost balance and strengthens internal muscles.

Through the help of small tools and thanks to the work on the ground, muscles are stretched and toned, as very often we tend to assume curved or contracted positions.

Postural activity therefore proves to be useful for people who have a sedentary job; moreover it is very effective also at rehabilitative level, for example following joint operations.

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