SSDarl University of Dance - Law on Transparency

Compliance with the provisions of art. 9, paragraph 2 and 3 of the 8 law decree August 2013, n. 91, converted with 7 law October 2013 n. 112
The following information relating to the holders of administrative and artistic top positions and managerial positions, for any reason conferred, as well as collaboration and consultancy are published on the University of Dance website.

Athenaeum of Dance Amateur Sports Society a rl

Assembly Report of the 04 / 08 / 2023 containing

Appointments of administrative positions:
Legal representative: CINZIA CIERI (for this position she does not receive compensation)
Federal Technical Director: MARCO BATTI (for this position he does not receive compensation)

Professional consultancy assignments: 
Employment consultant Studio Commerciale Dr. CLAUDIA PIANO (For this position the ordinary annual fee is € 4.500) CV
Accountant Studio Commerciale Galileo Partners PATRIZIA SIDERI (The ordinary annual fee for this position is € 4.500) CV

Studio Legale Avvocati LAGHI ANDREA (The ordinary annual fee for this assignment is € 2.500)

The Board of Directors is composed of:

(none of the aforementioned Directors receives compensation for this assignment)


The legal representative
Cinzia Cieri

Note Please note that the aforementioned standard, in paragraph 3, provides that sums cannot be disbursed for any reason until the communication of the publication or updating of the requested information has been communicated.